Places to Kayak in Tampa

We have a total of four parks which act as the launching spots that aid in paddling the rivers that ran through the Tampa area located west of central Florida. The little Manatee River runs up to 40 miles and the Hillsborough River runs down for 54 miles with water moving at a very low pace. In case you are already wondering about the places you can simply kayak, the headache is over as we go through all these places below.

Rainbow springs

It’s a breath taking state park that is located within a half hour drive of Tampa. It makes it easier for one to access the Rainbow River which is said to be at 5.6 mile. The river has clear water that will get you past water banks that are lined with moss but fully covered with cypress. You will be watching out on your way for some wading birds and river otters. Some kayakers will opt to launch their kayaking vessels when still at the campground while others will opt to have it launched county park in KP Hole.

Little Manatee River

The little Manatee River is a state park that gives access to breathtaking Manatee River. It’s situated 25 miles at the South East of Tampa. It’s richly covered with tress as well as thick vegetation. This makes it a very good spot to watch wildlife and have fun as you paddle leisurely. You might see some swallow tail kites that often have their nests within this park. Many at times the kayakers become lucky as they come across otters, alligators and eagles as they paddle.

Alafia River

Alafia River has a state park that is located 10 miles south east side of Tampa. It’s applauded for giving beginners and the more experienced kayakers an equal chance to explore the Alafia river southern fork that cuts through the park. There are other lakes that are situated in the said park and are also very good for kayaking. All these lakes that are within this park have heavy wildlife presence as well as birds. The birds include the turtle and the wading birds.

Hillsborough River

The Hillsborough River gets its access from the Hillsborough River State park and it’s situated approximately 9 miles to the north of Tampa. It has a section of four parks in total and they are all good to launch a kayak. The Sergeant Park towards the Morris Bridge Park section will guarantee you about two hours of paddling and you will likely cover a total of four miles. You can have stop over’s along the way as the picnic tables and restrooms are available to all when you get to Trout Creek. Thanks to